Dental Monitoring allows patients at Smart Smile Orthodontics to have their treatment remotely tracked and monitored, all from the comfort of their home.

The revolution is here because you can’t always be there. Dental Monitoring. The first monitoring app for orthodontic patients.

Track and manage your treatment remotely

Use the app to take intraoral selfies with your smartphone. Photos are then automatically sorted, cropped, organized by date and angulation, and stored. You and your orthodontist can access them at any time, on your dashboard, from any device.

Customised to you

Your orthodontist’s protocols will send the right instruction to you at the right time. This can eliminate repetitive instructions and solve issues before they become problems.

Optimised appliance efficiency

Monitored appliance activity and retention stability.

Share Your Smile with Dental Monitoring


1. Designed to be a seamless patient experience

Maintain consistent contact between practice appointments. With this app on iOS and Android, you can capture your treatment progress, communicate with us, and receive personalised instructions, without needing an appointment.

2. Keep your treatment on track with fewer appointments

Thanks to automated and live messaging, we can easily guide your treatment progress remotely and support you through all stages of the progress.

3. Engage in remote orthodontics like never before; see and track your progress

Your progress will be at the touch of your fingertips.


Watch the video below to help you take good photos