Orthodontic options for adults

Ideally, children and teenagers would be the appropriate age to make changes to the positioning of their teeth, however, with modern technology more and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatments to help straighten their teeth and keep it in good health.

Orthodontic treatments can assist with the straightening and strengthening of teeth that are crooked or misaligned. It can also help prevent teeth from decaying and improve oral problems associated with bite.

The orthodontic treatment procedure may take a longer period of time in adults due to the lack of bone growth after a certain age. In some cases treatments could last around two years.

There are two most common types of orthodontic treatments which are suitable for adults. These include:

Traditional braces

These are strong metal or ceramic braces that are made up of brackets and held in place on each tooth with archwires and cement. These braces constantly exert pressure on the teeth resulting in them moving gradually to the desired and appropriate position to straighten the teeth.


These are removable custom-made clear aligners which are almost invisible to others.  They are more comfortable than traditional braces and are worn for most of the day for quicker results.

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