Foods to Avoid Eating When You Have Braces

Braces are only bonded with a light adhesive so once your treatment finishes they can be removed without damaging your teeth. Eating the wrong foods could result in damage to your braces.

Avoid Anything Sticky & Hard

Toffees, hard boiled lollies, caramel, chewy sweets—can loosen bands, break brackets and cause wires to come loose. Indulging in these treats may cause damage to your braces and extend the length of your treatment.

High Sugar or Acid Content Are Harmful To Teeth

High sugar or acid foods turn into plaque that creates bacteria and toxins that are detrimental to gums. Brush your teeth immediately afterwards before the bacteria has a chance to turn it into acids and toxins. Acidic food can erode tooth enamel and should be avoided.

Bad Chewing Habits

Avoid chewing on fingernails, office stationary and ice block sticks. Sometimes we are all guilty of using our teeth for inappropriate activities like ripping open plastic bags, opening bobby pins and tearing sticky tape—these habits could break your braces.

If it’s too hard, too chewy or not made to be eaten, don’t put it in your mouth.

If you break your braces, you may need to know some first aid methods.