First Aid for Braces

If you experience problems between regular check-ups, many of the problems can be easily fixed with do-it-yourself fixes.

For more urgent problems such as loose or broken wires, loose brackets or bands, book an emergency appointment.

Teeth Feel Sore?

This is complete normal after your braces have been fitted or you’ve undergone an adjustment. The initial discomfort can last for up to a week. We recommend a soft diet-soups, mashed potatoes, jellies, pureed fruit and vegetables. Paracetamol will help relieve discomfort. Please follow instructions on the box.

Warm salt water rinses may be helpful.

Sore Lips & Cheeks?

This is quite normal during the first weeks of treatment. If it’s annoying, use orthodontic wax on your brackets.

Loose Wire?

Call your orthodontist immediately.