Children’s orthodontics in Ballina

Orthodontics has come a long way over the years. Previously all adult teeth had to be present and accounted for before orthodontic treatment could begin, but times have changed.

New breakthroughs in research and technology have proven early treatment prevents long term issues with tooth and jaw alignment.

Common problems

Overcrowding, large gaps and over-bites and underbites are just some of the most common problems 8-9 year olds experience.


Corrective treatment usually begins after the four front teeth have come through. The type of treatment required will determine the kind of braces fitted to your child. Braces usually remain on the teeth for up to 12-18 months with regular adjustments to tighten them. Once the braces are removed, a retainer worn 24/7 will maintain the new alignment and correct bite.

Early treatment will reduce the amount of orthodontic work required further on down the track.

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